Sunday, 18 September 2011

New drawings and attending a class

I made two new drawings, one isn't finished yet, I'm adding a little blue on the left side of the face as you can see for the background. The other face is kind of a Mandala, I just love to watch them and I thought it would look nice.

I'm so excited because I'm attending a class of Suzi Blu, "a lovely dream". It is fun and I hope to learn a lot from her, it is about making artwork and about journaling. She makes beautiful artwork, I just love it.
I tried to make a drawing like she does, and then I have to work with watercolor paint and colored pencil and collage.


Emelie said...

Lovely work, such lovely eyes, and your other drawing getting ready for more. I must go visit the site your taking a class from.

Did you get your new kitchen?
Also you have a darling cat, wehad a little stray come into the garden yesterday that looks much like that. We will see if this kitty sticks around, we already have one cat.

Wishing you more artful enjoyment.

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

I love the first drawing with her lovely blonde hair. I have the hardest time trying to color blonde hair ~ you did a fabulous job. I have heard of Suzi Blu but have never taken one of her classes, it sounds exciting. Hope you have fun with it.
Hugs and blessings

Conni vom Atelier Tante Trulla said...

Hi Jacqueline,
I`m also in Suzi Blus Class. Her art is really gorgeous. Have a nice autumn.