Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bram and kitchen

Now summer has almost gone and I feel like blogging again.
Bram is helping me today with the administration for our company, he's printing the pages as you see.
So cute, I could'nt help but taking some pictures. He is hiding in the most strange places sometimes, it makes me laugh.

Lately we have been looking for a new kitchen, and I think we found one, it is really what we love, a nostalgic kitchen. It would fit in our home and I love the color. We haven't decided yet, but we are going to this week. I don't hope someone else is buying it because it's a showroom kitchen and it has a very nice price, so it is perfect for us. I tell you when we've made a decision, I'm very excited about it.

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Conni vom Atelier Tante Trulla said...

Hi Jacqueline,
would like to tell you that I like your blog. But why haven`t you shown any drawings for a long time?