Monday, 11 July 2011

Music, dentist and summer

Lately I've been listening to Rumer
I really love this music, she has such a wonderful voice!!!!

And I love the new song of Shania Twain, we had to wait for a long long time, but now she's back!!!
I've been to Antwerp, Belgium for a concert of her, I think it was in 2002 or so, and I really hope she comes to the Europe sometime, but I in 2012 she's in Las Vegas, I saw on her Site.

Last saturday I had to go to the dentist, because I had such a pain in my left cheek, friday I was there already and there were taken photo's and he looked at my teeth, but couldn't say what caused the pain, and either could I, but saterday morning when I woke up, it was very clear to me that it was a tooth in the back.
The dentist had to remove it and luckily the pain has almost gone. I'm almost turning 50 and I'm getting al kinds of things, likeI fell in January on my face, it was bruised, the dentist had to make my tooth because a little peace broke of. Then later I had two holes, which he had to fill and now this!!! And that for someone who had beautiful teeth and never had anyhing or any pain.
Is it my age??? I don't know, but I hope it stops.
I stay optimistic and hope I never ever have to have so much pain in my mouth.

Time passes quickly, already it is July the 11th. The weather is nice, some 25 degrees C. Later this week it is getting a little colder they say. A lot of people are away for their vacation here in our region. Most of the time they go all somewhere in southern Europe, it is really beautiful there.