Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Drawings and photo's of birds

These drawings I made in november, I wanted to show you.

I've been taking photo's the last couple of days, of the birds in our garden. I love birds, I feed them every winter so they have enough to eat, and I just simply love to watch them. The photo above is from a tomtit or great tit (I hope the translation is right) in dutch it is called a "koolmeesje", the photo of the bird with the red dot is from the great spotted woodpecker, in dutch "de grote bonte specht", which I never saw before in our garden, and now I've seen him since a few days. It is very cold here in the Netherlands for this time of year and in the whole of Europe I believe, but we are inside our house and make it cozy with a cup of hot chocolate and speculaas, a sort of dutch biscuits we eat in this time of year.


Butterfly Works said...

I love these drawings; they are so delicate and sweet......Isn't it fun watching the birds....great photos

Emelie said...

The magic and wonder of birds, they each have their own habits and if they were people we would say mannerisms. Really amazing how they can survive our winters also.

Beautiful drawings, I hope you do a seasonal one, as your faces have such contentment.

I broke my leg and maybe you know that already. It is so nice to come by and see your work and photos, so nice to visit the bloggers and see what they have been doing. The leg breaking day was Nov. 20. There was not a celebration. :>)