Monday, 1 November 2010


Yesterday my husband was working and I was home alone (sounds like the movie).
I cooked potatoes and when my husband was home I baked them and we ate them with pork tenderloin, and homemade applesauce in which i did some raisins (tasted good).
I also took a picture of the animals in the meadow next to us (I hope my translations are ok)
There are a camel, lama's and a bull. Interesting isn't it, when go out your kitchen door and look in the eyes of a camel or a lama, and they do have beautiful eyes and great long lashes!

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Emelie said...

it is amazing that those 3 get along well, there is always an order of being superior with animals and I wonder who is boss in this situation.

I am going to try the way you have done the potatos, itis nice to have things done partially somedays because dinner time sometimes gets rushed here, and now more with light gone so early, and next week it will be worse.