Thursday, 1 October 2009

It's been quit a while since I blogged. I'm not a great blogger, I don't know what to tell.
But hé, I'll try.
I've been sick a lot since the last time I've blogged.
First we had in August two weeks vacation, we stayed at home, the weather was good, so what could we wish for more? (I hope my english is ok)
Then I got the flue, not the SwineFlue, but still, I didn't feel well. Then for a few days it was over, and my husband got a cold, then I got a cold too. That took until half september and now one of my illnesses is playing up, psoriatic arthritis, so I have a terrible pain in my spine. And I got a terrible migraine too. But that I have often.
So, that was what I've done lately.
Later on I will post the drawings I made lately.

I think this sounds a little depressing, but hé, I did some fun things too!
I made some drawings, which I will post this week, and I went to my drawing/painting class two times now, and that was fun. We had to draw a glass vase, and a bottle of paint and so.
We had to learn how to draw an elipse, it sounds easy, but I found it a bit difficult, since I draw faces only. But I learn a lot from this!